A nifty crypto wallet application that lets you send and receive Ethereum, ERC20 Tokens, Bitcoin and Litecoin. Opensource project with code signed releases published on Github.

Mac Windows Linux


Send Ethereum and Tokens

Having control over your own cryptos is critical. Set your own Gas Limit and Price.

Bitcoin, Litecoin and Testnets

Easily send BTC and LTC to others while controlling your own transaction fees, blockchain endpoints, and signing.

Send ERC20 Tokens

CoinApp fetches your balance, and transaction history for all ERC20 tokens.

Add Custom Tokens

There's already 600+ tokens on the list, but you can add your own. Work on testnet too!

Finally, an easy to use Crypto Wallet

CoinApp is one of the easiest wallets to use in this crazy crypto world. Your private keys are never sent outside your local computer, everything is signed locally and you can use this wallet for creating offline transactions.
In the settings you can choose your own endpoint to update your balances, tokens, UTXO's, and transactions. You are also in control of the transactions fees so you'll know exactly how much you're sending.

Bitcoin and Litecoin Testnets

Makes developing blockchain applications a breeze.

View Transactions

View incoming and outgoing transactions from your wallet

Public, Tested, Signed Executables

This application has all of it's source code on the Github repo so you can verify there's no funny business.
All builds are tested on Travis-CI and are signed with valid Mac and Windows code signing certificates. Once a new build is passing it gets released directly to Github.
Anytime there's a new update your CoinApp application will automatically update so you can stay up-to-date on the newest features, improvements and security features.

Add Custom Tokens

Great for testing your own ERC20 Tokens or adding a brand new one

Your Control

CoinApp uses multiple API endpoints to fetch balance updates, you can even use localhost!

Free and Open Source!

CoinApp is an opensource project for the crypto community. All executables are code signed and released automatically to Github!
This application will also automatically update to make sure you have the most stable version.


Libraries Used

CoinApp is an opensource application that uses opensource libraries! Below is a list of the main libraries we use to develop this awesome crypto application.
Electron - The framework for this beautiful app.
insight - API for Bitcoin and Litecoin transaction history and balance updates
ethers.js - Signing Ethereum transactions
bitcoinjs-lib - Signing Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Testnet transactions
node-notifier - Enables native OS notifications for new transactions
bip39 - opens millions of wallets with a Mnemonic phrases

Coins Accepted

CoinApp is consistently improving the application to grow with the fast paced world of cryptocurrencies. Below is a list of the cryptos the app currently supports.
All ERC20 Tokens (including custom ones)
Bitcoin Testnet3
Litecoin Testnet